CSCS Speaker Announcement: Robert Bücher

Robert Bücher



Limitations of Inside-Out-Tracking in industrial applications


The traditional way of tracking is limited to visibility of the markers. ART discusses a new approach of markerless solutions for industrial use and introduces its solutions.


Robert Bücher holds a degree in Industrial Engineering for Production Technologies from the University of Aachen (RWTH) and a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. He has worked in the Automotive Industries as Product Manager for assemblies and later on as consultant for innovation and new technologies. He holds patents in diverse business fields, so in optoelectronics. His positions in optoelectronics and human machine interfaces distinguishes him as an expert in AR. With the company Physoptics he was involved in the development of natural 3D glasses with integrated physiognomic eye tracking.  He designed interactive video transmission and surveillance systems with long-range remote functionality. Since 2017 he is responsible as Business Development Manager for markerless tracking applications at ART GmbH, Weilheim, a leading developer of tracking technologies.

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